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SAFPRO strives to create sustainable business for both our global network of customers and suppliers alike. This is done by timeously delivering a consistent quality product to our global network, at competitive prices, in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

At the heart of our beliefs is sustainability; almost every decision is taken on the basis, that in order for business to be sustainable, it needs to work for everyone. We believe firmly in the old adage that "success breeds success" and if every partner in the chain focuses on this, all parties to the process ultimately prosper.

For our customers, this means they need to get quality fruit on a consistent basis, at competitive prices. This does not mean at the cheapest prices, but rather at prices where a premium is achieved for the quality and consistency, that still allows them to be competitive to the end customer.

For our suppliers, this means they need to get the best possible return for each variety and each count, at the lowest risk possible. This means placing their fruit in the most suitable markets, through the most competitive cost chain possible.

In order to achieve this it requires teamwork and understanding at every level of the chain. From the customers to the producers, working as a team with SAFPRO to ensure product is packed correctly for the different markets, to the service providers ensuring the fruit follows the best possible cold chain in the fastest possible way. We encourage interaction between all parties in the chain, in order to ensure that each party understands the requirements and challenges of the other.

Teamwork, however, can only be achieved through trust and transparency, which is provided by accounting for every pallet from sales price through to the grower return.

Head Office

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PO Box 5951, Walmer, 6065, South Africa

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